Very Valentiney: 14 Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentiney – an adjective created by our toddler for anything remotely lovey dovey, heart related or pink.

So as you might guess, here are our top 14 Valentine’s Day activities:

1. Color over Doilies
2. Heart Size Sort
3. Slow Dance
4. Heart Bags
5. Red + White = Pink
6. Make a “Love Potion”
7. Love Hands and Feet
8. Read “Love Bugs”
9. Be Mine Post Office
10. Bin of Conversation Hearts
11. Making Chocolate Dipped Treats
12. Chocolate Box Puzzles
13. Make Love Monsters
14. Cupid’s Arrows Game

What valentiney activities do you do?

Paper Plate Rainbows

Paper plate rainbows are a very simple art project but I haven’t met a toddler yet who doesn’t love streamers!!!

1. Cut a paper plate in half.

2. Have your toddler color a rainbow on the paper plate.  We take this opportunity to introduce the kiddos to ROY G BIV but we don’t worry if the rainbow doesn’t look exactly like a rainbow – after all it is art.

3. Glue or tape crepe paper to the bottom of the rainbow.  We love to use a bunch of different colors but we usually have several colors laying around from decorating for birthday parties, VBS, and other fun festivities.

4. Hang and Enjoy your rainbow!