Rice Bag Mysteries

This activity is all about discovery and touch.  Remember how much fun you had as a kid with Where’s Waldo?  Well, quadruple the fun and add in some fun textures.

To Create the Bags:

  1. Place rice in a freezer storage bag.
  2. Place small objects, toys, etc. in the bag too.
  3. Zip the bag closed and reinforce the seal with clear packing tape or fun colored Duct tape.
  4. Make a list of things in the bag and/or use photos of the objects.
  5. Hand the bag to your toddler!

Once your toddler has explored the bag without a list and seems to becoming bored, hand them the list (you’ll have to help with the reading part) or photos and have them look for specific things.  You can also use this to teach concepts such as “what can you find in the bag that is blue?” or “what objects can you find that start with the letter m?” – be creative!