Very Valentiney: 14 Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentiney – an adjective created by our toddler for anything remotely lovey dovey, heart related or pink.

So as you might guess, here are our top 14 Valentine’s Day activities:

1. Color over Doilies
2. Heart Size Sort
3. Slow Dance
4. Heart Bags
5. Red + White = Pink
6. Make a “Love Potion”
7. Love Hands and Feet
8. Read “Love Bugs”
9. Be Mine Post Office
10. Bin of Conversation Hearts
11. Making Chocolate Dipped Treats
12. Chocolate Box Puzzles
13. Make Love Monsters
14. Cupid’s Arrows Game

What valentiney activities do you do?

Tub of Fabric Scraps

Gather up some fabric scraps* (try to mix colors, textures, sizes, and shapes if possible) and put them in a bin. Give your toddler the bin and a pair of tongs and presto – tons of fun!  Once the initial interest wears off feel free to add to the activity by asking questions about colors, textures, and shapes.  You could also encourage your child to sort the material and talk to them about why they are sorting in different ways (you might as well get some mathematical thinking in where you can).

*We tend to have fabric scraps around the house from other projects but in case you don’t save everything as a potential activity like we tend to (blushing with embarrassment) I did check out the local fabric store and they sell bags of miscellaneous swatches very inexpensively.

**I’ve also heard that toddlers love pulling fabric scraps out of old wipes bins but we have yet to try that one.  If you give it a whirl let us know how it goes.

Dress Up as a President

This one is just like it sounds.  Kiddos love to dress up even if they don’t truly understand who they are pretending to be; though, this would be an excellent time to first introduce these important men in history to them.

Simple Dress Up Props

  1. Construction Paper Tri-corner Hats
  2. Construction Paper Stove Pipe Hats
  3. Batting or Cotton Wigs/Beards