Creating Scenes

Projects that are open ended and require lots of imagination with little direction are usually right up our alley but as little man gets a tad older we have decided that it might be smart to have a touch more direction now and then. This week our slightly directed project involved making a soccer scene out of paper and foam stickers.

After gathering the materials, I asked our toddler to cut grass out of the green paper.


The next direction was to put the grass on our backdrop paper. Our toddler chose to do this with glue.


Then, he chose several soccer stickers from a tub of foam sports stickers. He had to do a bit of problem solving to get them stuck to his project since they weren’t sticky anymore but nothing a little glue couldn’t fix.


Finally, we asked him to share with us the story his picture told.


This projected ended up working on more skills than we originally thought it would:

1. Listening
2. Following Directions
3. Problem Solving
4. Fine Motor
5. Story Telling

And even though it wasn’t completely open ended our toddler had a lot of fun! Next time I think we might make a zoo scene. What scenes would you make?