Window Clings

We love window clings! I know that there are ways to make your own and some day I hope to try these methods out but for now we just buy a set around each holiday for about a dollar a piece.
Here are just a few of the reasons we love clings:

1. They are inexpensive.
2. They are reusable.
3. It takes great concentration and fine motor skills for the toddler to create something independently.
4. We can work together or our toddler can play alone.
5. You can create stories about your scene.
6. They are a fun surprise on mirrors or sliding glass doors.
7. They are a great pre-planning activity that also requires spatial planning.
8. They are an art-type activity that isn’t the least bit messy (some days you need one of those).

We typically use our clings on a full length mirror but that is simply because everyone can reach without assistance.

Where do you use clings?