Wrapping Paper Collage

Oops, that piece is too small.  Uh-oh this piece needs trimmed.  What in the world can I wrap with a tiny piece like that?  Sound like any of you while wrapping gifts?  It sure sounds like me!  My solution to using all of my mishaps? Collaging!

After my wrapping marathon, my toddler and I collect all of the paper scraps in order to create something beautiful.  Making a collage is quite simple.

  1. Collect your materials (paper, glue, and wrapping paper scraps).
  2. Decide if you are trying to make your collage look like something (i.e. Christmas tree) or if you prefer to make abstract art.
  3. Glue the wrapping paper scraps to the paper.
  4. Viola!  Art!
Wrapping paper is a wonderful collage material since it comes in many patterns and textures but be warned its slippery texture can require extra drying time.