25 Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

Today’s rainy weather made me start thinking about all the fun little man and I have on these unexpected indoor days.  Sure, we would prefer to be outside doing one of a thousand things we love out there but honestly sometimes being stuck inside is a blessing.  Here are our top 25 ways for having fun on a rainy day.

  1. Kool-aid Painting
  2. Dance in the RainDSC_0240
  3. Puddle Stomping
  4. Worm Watching
  5. Build a Pillow and Blanket Fort
  6. Cook Together
  7. Curl Up with Books
  8. Visit the Library
  9. Make Rain Sticks
  10. Measure the Rain
  11. Make a Musical Thunderstorm
  12. Get Out a Rainy Day Box
  13. Sensory Fun
  14. Have a Dance Party
  16. Shaving Cream Tub Painting
  17. I Spy – Flashlight Style
  18. House Scavenger Hunt
  19. Visit an Indoor Play Place (around us there is one in the mall, at the park, and a few that are independently owned)
  20. Make Paint and Use It
  21. Napkin Parachuttes
  22. Remember When Photo Walk
  23. Follow the Leader
  24. Indoor Obstacle Courses
  25. Move Like a (Bear, Crab, Dog, etc.) Game

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.   What do you do with your rainy days?

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