Cape Day

There is something about being a super hero that makes everyone smile. Plan a special day to be just that . . . 

We woke up this morning and decided today was the day. We put on our cape shirts for those of us who had one. And then made a cape for the smallest by pinning a piece of felt to his back. 

Next we were off to the local playground to test out our flying!  Our capes really took off as we played on the swings and ran down the hills. We even saved a few leaves from sure disaster by picking them up off the before they flew into the road. 

At lunch, I learned that Super Heros are strong and that means they eat their vegetables. Bonus win for Mommy!  

Dramatic play is not only tons of fun but it really pushes children to think outside of the normal into what could be. It develops brain connections that are essential to planning, problem solving and creativity. 

We may have looked ridiculous today – especially this 33 year old mom who also wore her cape – but we were making memories and growing big brains!