Food Ad Search and Find

Search and Find activities are great for building vocabulary as well as visual skills in toddlers.  Food Ads make perfect ready made search and finds since toddlers typically can name or at least can recognize the name of most foods that could be found in an ad.  When we do this activity we typically use the produce page as it would by far be the most recognizable page in our house, but we know every house has its own staple foods.  Here are some questions you might want to ask while playing search and find:

  1. Can you find something orange/blue/green/red/etc?
  2. Where is a food that is soft/hard/crunchy/smooth/rough?
  3. Are there any bananas (or the name of any food) on the page?  Where?
  4. Where are the onions (or the name of any food)?
  5. Can you find a small/medium/large vegetable?
  6. How many purple (or any other color) fruits do you see?