Go Bowling

I can hardly throw a bowling ball down the lane hard enough; so, never in a million years did I consider taking the boys bowling. However, a friend convinced me to sign up or this awesome program called Kids Bowl Free since it was free. After signing up, I figured that if we tried it once and it went as expected it was free and we weren’t at a loss and if it went better than that, GREAT! 20140701-203243-73963573.jpg
The bowling center was not at all surprised at my walking in with a three year old and a ten month old, which shocked me. They quickly grabbed this fabulous ramp contraption and showed me how to find the lightest balls.

Two full games later, we left laughing! So, lesson learned – activities that may not seem toddler friendly totally can be with the right equipment.

Have you taken your kids bowling? Do you have Kids Bowl Free in your city?