Shop the Rainbow

Grocery shopping with a toddler can be extra difficult on a good day, but making it fun and educational too – now that is nearly downright impossible. To keep me from giving up shopping all together all of us in a good mood and our brains engaged we started playing the shop the rainbow game. For every aisle we go down, our toddler has to find items that are each color of the rainbow.

For example, part of the produce aisle from yesterday:


Part of our finds in the spice aisle:



The game keeps him occupied and keeps him from throwing random items into the cart while I’m working hard to get our shopping done before the baby decides he hates the carrier and just wants down as well.

When I’m really thinking ahead, I make lists of the colors for each aisle so he can cross them off as he goes.

How do you keep your toddler engaged and happy while shopping?