Snowman Handprint Ornament

What grandparent wouldn’t melt at being given these cute little snowmen for their tree?  It is such a hit with our families that our toddler makes 12 of them every year (one for each aunt/uncle, one for each set of grandparents, and one for us to keep).  The process is simple:

  1. Buy ornaments of an appropriate size for your toddler to hold (we prefer to use matte finish ornaments) as well as white acrylic paint.
  2. Paint your toddler’s hand with the white paint.
  3. Ask him or her to hold the ornament for a second (gently press on each finger while they are holding it).
  4. Set the ornament to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Use Sharpie markers to decorate.  We let our toddler tell us what each snowman should look like.
  6. Give as gifts.

If you want a poem to go with the ornament we use this one?:

These aren’t just any snowman as anyone can see.
I made them with my hand which is a part of me.
Now each year when you trim the tree,
You’ll look back and recall
Christmas 2012, when my hand was just this small!