Walk the Mall

Cabin fever hits hard in January for both the young and not quite as young, so get out and go walking.  The weather and slick conditions outside keep us from walking and playing outside as much so instead we take our energy else where.  One such place is the local mall.  Mall walking is no longer just for my grandmother and her friends.  Our toddler and I walk the mall in several different ways.  Some days we simply walk together, other days one of us walks ahead and the other catches up, sometimes we take the stroller, other times we walk on our tiptoes or backwards or like monkey.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and willingness to look a little silly.  While walking the mall, we rarely visit any stores since we go just to get some exercise and different scenery but it isn’t something that is out of the question.  We have also found that it is best for us to walk in the morning (less crowd) and to choose one wing per trip (we don’t have a giant mall but there are three hallways).