29 February Toddler Activities

Love is in the air and toddler boredom continues to abound as winter trudges on.  Here are twenty-nine activities to warm your heart this February:

  1. Tub of Construction Paper Shapes
  2. Read Valentine’s Day / Friendship Books
  3. Sing Valentine’s Day / Friendship Songs
  4. Dress Up as President Washington or Lincoln (Presidents’ Day is the 3rd Monday in February)
  5. Color on Paper Over Doilies
  6. Tub of Fabric Scraps
  7. Heart Size Sort
  8. Make Cut Out Cookies
  9. Kitchen Symphony
  10. Buy/Make a Valentine to Give Away
  11. Handprint Hearts
  12. Visit the Pet Store
  13. Slow Dance
  14. Grocery Store at Home
  15. Flashlight Experiments
  16. Heart Collage
  17. Valentine’s Day Bracelets
  18. Balloon Volleyball
  19. Shape Search at the Bakery
  20. Stop and Go Game
  21. Untie, Unzip, Unvelcro
  22. Which Doesn’t Belong?
  23. Tea Time
  24. Go to a Hockey Game
  25. Have a Snack with a “President”
  26. Look for Shadows (February 2nd is Ground Hog Day)
  27. Play Leap Frog (February has 29 Days in Leap Years)
  28. Bundle Up Stuffed Animals and Dolls
  29. Indoor Hockey

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.