30 April Toddler Activities

Spring has sprung and brought with it warmer days.  For many of us it has also brought along a lot of rain.  Here are 30 activities to keep you busy rain or shine.

  1. Dye Eggs
  2. Search for Eggs
  3. Watch the Sunset
  4. Read Easter Books
  5. Sing Easter Songs
  6. Do the Bunny Hop
  7. Search for Jelly Beans
  8. Go on a Nature Hike
  9. Make Shaky Pudding
  10. Visit a Farm
  11. Coffee Filter Butterflies
  12. Make Rain Sticks
  13. Tub of Pompons
  14. Make “Stained Glass” Windows
  15. Smash Egg Cartons
  16. Oil and Water Bottles
  17. Do a Rain Dance
  18. “Clean” the Bathtub
  19. Counting Boxes
  20. Visit a Local Nursery
  21. Bird Watching
  22. Empty Tissue Treasure Box
  23. Fridge Farm
  24. Lily Pad Hop Game
  25. Bowling at Home
  26. Make an Animal Bank
  27. Feed the Animal Bank
  28. Rice Bag Mysteries
  29. Sponge Towers
  30. Come and Find Me

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.