30 November Toddler Activities

At our house we are thankful for so much including our toddler.  Here are our 30 favorite activities for this thankful month:

  1. Tub of Dried Leaves
  2. Have a Dinner Election (Election Day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November)
  3. Make Stuffing
  4. Make Sandwiches with Faces (National Sandwich Day is November 3rd)
  5. Tub of Potato Peels
  6. Make Placemats
  7. Walk Backwards in Honor of the Time Change (The 1st Sunday in November is the official day for this change)
  8. Tub of Cranberries
  9. Read Thanksgiving Books
  10. Sing Thanksgiving Songs
  11. Make Bird Feeder Balls
  12. Make and Use Potato Stamps
  13. Plant Paperwhites
  14. Shop for a Canned Food Drive
  15. Turkey Handprints
  16. Turkey Feather Sort
  17. 3D Turkey Cookies
  18. Tub of Large Buttons (November 16th is National Button Day)
  19. Paint with Foam Brushes
  20. Pipe Insulation Race Tracks
  21. Leaf Memory
  22. Tub of Aluminum Foil
  23. Food Ad Search and Find
  24. Load It Up
  25. Sort Rocks by Size
  26. Make Shadow Puppets
  27. Paint with Dried Corn Cobs
  28. Roll Various Squash and Gourds
  29. Act Like Turkeys Trying to Avoid Dinner
  30. Make and Drink Spiced Cider

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.