30 September Toddler Activities

Summer is coming to a close and many of us are experiencing cooler temperatures, colored leaves, and apple goodies.  This transition can be tough for an outdoor loving toddler so we do our best to have a balance of indoor and outdoor activities to help our little one adjust.  DSC_3559Here are our favorite 30 beginning of fall activities.

  1. Tub of Dry Corn
  2. Corn Husks
  3. Rake Leaves
  4. Leaf RubbingsDSC_2835
  5. Fall Tree Fingerprint Art
  6. Collect Acorns
  7. Apple Prints
  8. Visit an Orchard
  9. Make a Gift for Grandparents’ Day (1st Sunday after Labor Day)
  10. Leaf Collage
  11. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  12. Nature Hike to Look at Leaves
  13. Go to a Football Game
  14. Plant Bulbs and/or Mums
  15. Charity Walk
  16. Visit a Construction Site
  17. Have a PicnicDSC_4146
  18. Make Apple Crisp
  19. Go to an Outdoor Concert
  20. Camp Out
  21. Taste Different Varieties of Apples
  22. Pick Up Sticks and Compare
  23. Watch School Buses
  24. Play Soccer
  25. Read Fall Books
  26. Sing Fall SongsDSC_8804
  27. Dress like Johnny Appleseed (Birthday: September 26th)
  28. Leaf Color Sort
  29. Apple Handprint
  30. Fall Search and Find

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.