31 January Toddler Activities

The holidays are over and our non-stop activity is as well.  Here are a thirty things we do together to beat winter boredom:

  1. Walk the Mall
  2. Snow Doh
  3. Explore Ice
  4. Go to a Basketball Game
  5. Indoor Snowball Fights
  6. Read Snow Books
  7. Sing Snow Songs
  8. Take a Winter Nature Hike
  9. Pillow and Blanket Forts
  10. Make No Bake Cookies
  11. Go Sledding
  12. Make Hot Chocolate Mix
  13. Snuggle with Hot Chocolate
  14. Tub of Snow
  15. Make Snowmen
  16. Indoor Beach Day
  17. Family Parade
  18. Make Marshmallow Snowmen
  19. Build with Sugar Cubes
  20. Roll Balls into Buckets
  21. Color Snow
  22. Sort Noodles
  23. Visit with the Tickle Monster
  24. Over, Under, Around
  25. Object / Picture Matching
  26. Create Window Snow Scenes
  27. Tub of Shaving Cream
  28. Freeze Dance
  29. Wax Paper or Sock Skating
  30. White Crayon Snowflake Resist Painting

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.