31 March Toddler Activities

We are feeling quite lucky and things are beginning to look a bit more green this month!  Here are 31 activities to blow the boredom away:

  1. Make Kites
  2. Sing Spring Songs
  3. Read Spring Books
  4. Fly Kites
  5. Roar at the Wind
  6. Grocery Shop for the Rainbow
  7. Go to the Zoo
  8. Search for Clovers
  9. Look for Leprechaun Treasure
  10. Sort Laundry into Rainbow Colors
  11. Play with Pinwheels
  12. Make a Windsock
  13. Cut Jello Jigglers
  14. Match Colored Clips on a Color Wheel
  15. Play Parking Lot
  16. Use Puppets to Talk
  17. Cup Stack
  18. Found Instrument Parade
  19. Animal Memory
  20. Run with the Wind
  21. Can You Touch
  22. Interactive Story Time
  23. Rainbow Gel Bags
  24. Tub of Dried Beans
  25. Stamps
  26. Pompon Spoon Race
  27. Cardboard Slide
  28. Animal Cracker Circus
  29. Laundry Basket Rides
  30. Windy Race
  31. Blow Paintings


We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.