It’s Your Lucky Day

Ever feel like all you do is say “No.”? I do. So every now and then, our toddler gets a “lucky day” which simply means that all of his requests are granted as long as no one would get hurt in the process. For example,

“May I have a treat after breakfast?” “Yes – it’s your lucky day!”
“I want to go to the zoo today. ” “Yes – it’s your lucky day!”
“I need to wear my cowboy boots with my sweatpants today.” “Yes – it’s your lucky day!”
“Can I call Daddy at work?” “Yes – it’s your lucky day!”
“Just 15 more minutes to play please?” “Yes – it’s your lucky day!”

You may be concerned that your toddler will make several totally outlandish requests knowing you are going to say yes but we have found this isn’t the case for us. It leads to faces like this


It is great to have a day full of yeses instead of no’s.

How do you balance yes and no?