Keeping Cool: 20 Water Activities for Toddlers

Keeping cool during hot weather can be a real choreDSC_0799; especially, for a parent of an outdoor loving toddler.  Here are 20 of our favorite cooling off activities:

  1. Squirt Bottle Fight
  2. Play with a Hose
  3. Wash the Car/Wagon
  4. Homemade Splash Zone
  5. Sponge Fight
  6. Go Swimming
  7. Explore Ice
  8. Dance in a Puddle
  9. Play in the RainDSC_2899
  10. Paint with Water
  11. Tub of Water with Pouring Instruments
  12. Water Table Fun
  13. Colored Water Bins
  14. Flour and Water
  15. Sponge Relays
  16. Toy Wash
  17. Water the Garden/Flowers
  18. Play in the Sprinkler
  19. What Floats? Experiment
  20. Ice Races

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.

Water Activities