Emergency Situation & Babies – Tips For Mums From Residential Locksmiths

When a toddler begins to walk the very first steps it’s usually a big joy for everyone in the family. Parents and siblings are both excited to see the little one moving a foot after the other one, just so slowly yet so peacefully!

During the following weeks and months it will be seriously hard to prevent the toddler to reach certain objects in the home which can be dangerous: knives, hot water, kitchen supplies.

A Baby’s Growth Means A Lot Of Effort!

This is the most delicate and effort-demanding phase in the toddler’s growth: the toddler is still too little to understand and see dangers, yet his/her hands can already reach telephones, tiny objects, even mum’s jewels!

One of the most dangerous situation you may happen to experience at home with a toddler is a room lockout case. At around 2 years, some toddlers begin to feel attracted by daily actions that their parents normally do. For example, using a key to lock a door.

Locked In Baby Emergencylocked in baby

It’s proven that a large number of toddlers under 3 years of age lock themselves in a room at home without their parents to see that. And when a mom realizes his/her baby is not playing anymore in the play room, it’s already too late: a locked in toddler might touch objects that are very dangerous for him/her.

Normally, toddlers lock in bathrooms, simply because from their point of view it’s normal to lock inside a bathroom – it’s what they see their parents and other family members do.

Residential local locksmiths are the only answer to fix this very delicate emergency: without to hesitate, find immediately a 24 hour locksmith near me on Locksmithspros.com or call directly at (888) 253 – 8443.

How Does Locksmiths Pros Help?

So, don’t waste your time and try to attract your toddler’s attention: tell him/her something, ask for simple questions, and make sure the toddler doesn’t explore the room’s environment while you take your phone and contact Locksmiths Pros.

Place your emergency call at the given toll-free phone number: Locksmiths Pros will help you as it follows:

  • A rep of Locksmiths Pros will ask you about the type of emergency you are involved in and the place where you are
  • The rep will contact a locksmith in your own place or in the nearby
  • The locksmith from Locksmiths Pros’ staff will reach you within no more than 20 minutes (which is very quickly if you consider that large metros are crowded and jammed with traffic)
  • Once the locksmith gets to your home, show him the situation
  • In less than a bunch of minutes, you’ll be able to take your toddler in your arms again!

After The Locksmith Service You Requested

As a proof of reliability, all locksmiths from Locksmiths Pros’ staff release their customers a receipt where the customer can find all the important information and details about the requested locksmith service (labored/duplicated/replaced/repaired components, brand of installed new locks or keys, type of service, rate and price, etc.).

Reminisce a Little

Today for our special activity we flipped through some pictures and videos on Grandma’s phone. I know this doesn’t sound like much but it really is a valuable exercise. Here’s why:

1. It solidifies memories.
2. It encourages listening skills.
3. It bridges the generation gap.
4. It is fun!
5. Everyone can participate.

While going through the pictures, we were discussing memories and trading stories. The little one doesn’t have enough words to add to the conversation verbally but he did plenty of pointing, laughing and listening. The big one on the other hand, chimed in plenty. It was wonderful to hear how everyone remembered our special times together. There were lots of variations and too many “I remember that!”s to count.

How do you remember the fun you’ve had as a family?

Freeze Time

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