100 Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Exploring the world with all five senses is essential for the development of a toddler.  Sensory activities allow toddlers to make sense of the world as well as help to develop the child’s vocabulary as he/she talks about the experience with others.  These types of activities also foster creativity, ingenuity, and problem-solving skills.  Here are 100 sensory activities to get you started.

  1. Snow-dohDSC_0289
  2. Explore Ice
  3. Tub of Snow
  4. Build with Sugar Cubes
  5. Sort Various Shaped Noodles
  6. Visit from the Tickle Monster
  7. Tub of Shaving Cream
  8. Tub of Construction Paper Shapes
  9. Color on top of Dolies
  10. Tub of Fabric
  11. Untie, Unzip, UnVelcro Mat
  12. Cut Jell-O Jigglers
  13. Rainbow Gel Bags
  14. Tub of Dried Beans
  15. Tub of Pompons
  16. Smash Egg CartonsDSC_0799
  17. Empty Tissue Box Treasure
  18. Rice Bag Mysteries
  19. Sponge Towers
  20. Plant Annual Flowers
  21. Plant Vegetable Seeds
  22. Tub of Seeds
  23. Tub of Dirt
  24. Tub of Flower Petals and/or Leaves
  25. Caterpillar Lunch
  26. Make Guacamole
  27. Shred Junk Mail
  28. Tub of Packing Peanuts
  29. Play-doh
  30. Bubble Wrap
  31. Tub of Foam Pieces
  32. Tub of Cut Grass
  33. Build a Sandcastle
  34. Tub of Watermelon Seeds
  35. Pick Dandelions
  36. Play in the RainDSC_2925
  37. Dance in a Puddle
  38. Fingerprint Bugs
  39. Feely Goop
  40. Tub of Water
  41. Tubs of Colored Water
  42. Moon Sand
  43. Bubble Bath
  44. Snap Green Beans
  45. Firework Handprint
  46. Old Fashion Fans
  47. Flour and Water
  48. Tub of Sunflower Seeds
  49. Play with the Hose
  50. Wash the Car/Wagon
  51. Tub of RocksDSC_6647
  52. Toss Rocks into Water
  53. Sticky Finger Paint
  54. Wiki Sticks
  55. Tub of Dried Corn Husks
  56. Rake Leaves
  57. Fall Tree Finger Painting
  58. Collect Acorns
  59. Plant Bulbs/Mums
  60. Taste Different Types of Apples
  61. Pick Up Sticks and Compare
  62. Leaf Sort
  63. Tub of Pumpkin Seeds
  64. Tub of Pumpkin Guts
  65. Tub of Various Squash
  66. Finger Paint Pumpkins
  67. Glow Bath
  68. Touchy Feely Boxes
  69. Shoe Rubbing Monsters
  70. Tree Bark Rubbings
  71. Eat Toasted Pumpkin SeedsDSC_3273
  72. Tub of Dried Leaves
  73. Tub of Potato Peels
  74. Tub of Cranberries
  75. Plant Paperwhites
  76. Sort Feathers
  77. Tub of Aluminum Foil
  78. Bucket of Large Buttons
  79. Tub of Bows
  80. Tub of Curling Ribbon
  81. Tub of Wrapping Paper
  82. Tissue Paper
  83. Various Boxes
  84. Tub of Pine Cones
  85. Tub of Pine Needles
  86. Tub of Cookie CuttersDSC_9996
  87. String Fruit Loops
  88. Ring Various Bells
  89. Build a Gingerbread House
  90. Go to a Concert
  91. Watch a Marching Band
  92. Paint with Pudding
  93. Make Stuffing
  94. Make Cookies
  95. Make Muffins
  96. Make Trail Mix
  97. Eat Opposites (soft/crunchy, salty/sweet, etc.)
  98. “Paint” the Bathtub with Colored Shaving Cream
  99. Soap Window Pictures
  100. Do You Hear What I Hear?

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.


Sensory Activities