Crunchy Caterpillars

2 pipe cleaners + 1 handful of Fruit Loops (Cheerios or other circle cereal works as well = a colorful, crunchy and bendable caterpillar

After gathering your materials, decide if your caterpillar will have random colors or a pattern (we usually do a pattern to add a bit of math to the equation). Then, start stringing them on one of the pipe cleaners.

Keep on stringing until you’ve used about 3/4 of the pipe cleaner. Bend a small piece at both ends to keep the cereal on and cut off the excess.

20140516-202445.jpg Use the excess to make antennae. Cut the 2nd pipe cleaner into 3 segments and slide them in between loops to make legs.

Voila – a bendable edible creature!

P.S. We usually do this activity near snack time as we end up munching as we go.