Edible Paint

Kids love to paint but I’m always hesitant to let our littlest try. You see he is an eater. Everything goes straight to his mouth. Our oldest wasn’t like that so it has been eye opening this go around. But finally, I found a solution! Edible paint! It is made from corn syrup and a few drops of food coloring. After mixing a few colors, I let him go at it. 20140702-220305-79385153.jpg
He started with a brush at the easel.

Then, he moved on to sitting and finger painting.

One downside to this “paint” is that it remains sticky and therefore cannot be kept forever. I chose to just take a picture of the masterpiece and move on but we do that with most of the art our kids create (though it often adorns the fridge for a week or so as well). Fun was had by all – even when the painting was finished and the clean up bath began!

Do you let your kids paint?
What kinds of paint do you use?