Planning Activities

I don’t know about you but planningIMG_1293 activities for your little one can be a daunting task. Not only do you want to make sure what you are planning is fun but you also want to make sure there is variety. So after struggling over the variety part for more than a year, we started using a menu planning theory. I know it’s an odd jump but hang on and I’ll explain.

Many meal planning experts will tell you that to simplify meal planning you need to have a routine (you know chicken Mondays, soup Tuesdays, grill out Wednesdays, etc.). I have followed that concept for quite some time and for those that are wondering it really does help make meal planning faster. Anyway, back to our toddlers, as I was thinking about what to do next with little man and agonizing over trying not to do 3 color focused activities in the same week it hit me – why not have a routine for activities. After careful consideration and playful alliteration we settled on a system. Currently ours goes like this:

Make It Monday (art, food, forts)
Tactile Tuesday (anything sensory – beans, fabric, play-doh)
Writing Wednesday (pre-writing activities, making letters in rice, writing stories together)
Thinking Thursday (puzzles, spacial projects, look-and-find activities)
Free for All Friday (anything goes)

With these days in mind, I now plan activities for two weeks at a time.  The schedule makes having all the materials on hand so much easier and I honestly can say I enjoy doing them more since I’m not stressed about figuring it out on the fly. Now, sometimes our schedule gets thrown off (like when friends call on Thursday morning and ask us to spend all day at the aquarium with them or we wake up to 6″ of snow) but that is just part of life and we roll with it.

How do you plan?