Plant Seeds

Gardening is important to us. In fact, thanks to our garden we save hundreds of dollars a year in grocery bills and we get to eat deliciously fresh food. Our toddler has been practically raised in a garden (we even announced our pregnancy with an ultrasound picture in amongst tomato plants with a caption of “Watch Me Grow”), but that doesn’t discount the fun he has every time we plant seeds. Today was 1st planting day! You may be shocked that I’m writing this post in February, however, we have found that to have hardy bell pepper plants you need to start super early. Without further ado, here is how we plant “toddler style”:

1. Gather materials.

2. Dump dirt into containers (aka grab handfuls of dirt and place it in containers).
3. Put a couple if seeds into your toddler’s hand (I usually place them in his non-dominate hand to increase the challenge) and have him pinch one and place it in one seed cell or container. Repeat placing the second seed into the same container.

4. After all seeds are placed, pinch more dirt to cover seeds and then tamp (press) down gently – yes a toddler can do this.
5. Water carefully yet generously – another challenging but possible toddler task.

6. Place in a sunny window or under bright fluorescent lights.

7. Every few days, check to make sure the dirt is still damp – if not have your toddler water them.

Anywhere from a few days to two weeks later your plants should sprout! If you are going transfer the plants outside to a garden or pots, be careful to wait until the risk for frost is nearly gone (early May in Ohio). Otherwise, continue to enjoy them indoors.

What do you plant?