Play in the Mud

I despise mud! It’s not the fact it is messy or the dirt it tracks I to the house; but rather, it is the way it feels that I loathe.

Despite my disgust for the stuff, my boys are attracted to it like iron to a magnet. Thankfully, they don’t ask me to participate in their fun by touching its nastiness. Instead, they give me the scooping or dumping jobs which is totally fine by me.

When at its best, mud play is inventive and imaginative. We always have our mud toys ready for the next big rain.
Our bucket, shovel and dump truck are our favorite mud toys, but we also have a rake, some spoons and forks and a mini-bulldozer “bobcat” at the ready too.

Most of the time our mud area turns into a construction site; though, we also make some pretty amazing baked goods. I always sit back and let the boys lead. It ways turn out great and everyone has fun – even when I have to touch it!

Do you let your kids play in the mud? What do they play?