Sizzling Science: Baking Soda and Vinegar

DSC_1635  “Look Mommy!  It’s like lava!” I had no idea that watching me clean the drain in our kitchen with baking soda and vinegar would get such an excited reaction out of our toddler, but it did.  At that point I decided that I needed to find the old medicine droppers from when he was tiny and set up his own experiment.

Out came our trusty 8×8 Pyrex pan, the baking soda,DSC_1633 the vinegar, food coloring, and a tiny medicine dropper (back from the days of daily does of poly-vi-sol).

We started with a color mixing lesson. After putting white vinegar into 6 openings of a muffin pan, little man and I added drops of food coloring and mixed with a spoon. Once all of our primary colors were established we move on to mixing them to create the secondary colors.  Then, we poured a layer of baking soda in the bottom of our pan. A quick lesson in how to use a dropper and off he went. As he created, we talked about the sizzling, more color mixing, the “lava flows” and DSC_1647rivers of color.  Even after all of the baking soda was colored we continued to squirt in more vinegar as the lower layers were still sizzling.  He asked me to do some dropping and he watched intently. Finally, he asked to dig his hands in and feel our goo.  Never one to shy away from a sensory experience, I let him get messy.

I hope that your experience is just as rewarding and remember it as much about the memories as it is the learning!