Tub of Large Buttons

November 16th is National Button Day!  To celebrate we count how many buttons are on our outfits, look for fancy buttons in our closets, and play in a tub of large buttons.  Note that I say large – buttons can be a choking hazard so we stick with those of fairly large size and supervision is a must.  Anyway, back to the fun non-sue happy world part of this post.  Buttons make a great addition to a sensory bin, bucket, or table since they are made out of so many different materials, come in so many shapes, have a variety of colors, and on occasion have a design stamped right into them.  For this activity, I rarely have to actually buy buttons as we collect the extra buttons that come with new clothing; however, if half of my stash suddenly goes missing (think school project) we go out and buy inexpensive mixed bags at the fabric store.  In addition to the buttons, we put cups, spoons, a small plate, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, and string in our sensory tub to add to the fun.

Questions to ask:

  • What does that button look like?
  • Can you find a big button?
  • Where is the purple button?
  • Can you count out 10 buttons?
  • What kind of clothing do you think that button came from?
  • What do you think would happen if I put a button in a tube and shook it?
  • What sound do you hear when you pour the buttons out of the cup and back into the tub?