30 June Toddler Activities

Summer has arrived (or rather it will officially mid-month)!  This month we are all about getting outside and getting a bit dirty before the weather gets super hot.  Here are 30 activities to usher in summer.

1. Make a Fathers’ Day Gift (Fathers’ Day is always the 3rd Sunday in June)Father's Day
2. Go to a Baseball Game
3. Tub of Cut Grass
4. Go on a Nature Hike
5. Go to a Strawberry Patch
6. Search and Find Tubes or Bottles
7. Build a Sandcastle
8. Neighborhood Sounds Walk
9. Go to a Blueberry Patch
10. Plant Grass
11. Read Summer Books
12. Sing Summer Songs
13. Tub of Watermelon Seeds
14. Pick Dandelions
15. Play in the Rain
16. Dance in a Puddle
17. Paint with DandelionsDSC_0247
18. Make Trail Mix
19. Have Races as Turtles, Rabbits, etc.
20. Blow and Pop Bubbles
21. Sidewalk Chalk
22. Make Blueberry Muffins
23. Fingerprint Bugs
24. Meet the Mailman
25. Visit an Airport
26. Puff Dandelions
27. Feely Goop
28. Markers in a Box
29. Go Fishing
30. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

We are always on the lookout for new activities so feel free to comment with your favorites.

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