31 May Toddler Activities

Spring is in full swing and toddler energy abounds.  Here are some of our favorite spring activities for helping our little one expend some of his never ending energy supply:

  1. Plant Annual Flowers
  2. Make a Mother’s Day Gift (Mother’s Day is the 2nd Sunday in May)
  3. Plant Vegetables in a Garden
  4. Tub of Vegetable and/or Flower Seeds
  5. Pick Flowers for Someone Else
  6. Take Someone a May Day Basket (May Day is May 1st)
  7. Tub of Dirt
  8. Look at the Stars
  9. Visit a Small Airport
  10. Make a Flower Collage
  11. Tub of Flower Petals and/or Leaves
  12. Go to a Track Meet
  13. Sort Pompons by Size
  14. Go for a Night Hike
  15. Number Wheel and Clips
  16. Caterpillar Lunch
  17. Make a Velcro Flower Arrangement
  18. Puzzles
  19. Paint with Marbles
  20. Watch the Garbage Truck
  21. Make Guacamole (Cinco de Mayo is May 5th)
  22. Have a Dance Party
  23. Make a Sticker Collage
  24. Box Car Ramp
  25. Shred Junk Mail
  26. Hunt Fireflies
  27. Tub of Packing Peanuts
  28. Play-doh
  29. Bubble Wrap
  30. Neighborhood Search and Find
  31. Bin of Foam Pieces